Sunday, September 9, 2012


OMG I had no idea I had missed out one whole topic for Physics. How the hell did it happen. There was not a single mention of WEP in the notebook, like wtf. AND I remember taking down some equations and formulas and stuff., but there was nothing, NOTHING in my notebook. And the transition from the previous topic to the next topic was so smooth it didn't feel like anything was missing.

One whole freaking topic leh.

Fortunately I had some sense to check the slides. BUT WHAT IF THIS HAPPENS for the other topics? AHHH that would be freaking horrible. Fingers crossed that I can do my revision thoroughly and in time.

And the first day of EYA is gonna kill me already. 3 papers, in 3 different languages, lasting all the way till 3pm. Any guesses for my current least fav number? :(

But I shall still be grateful, because being grateful makes me feel good.
1. No more PTs/AAs. I know some people still have theirs due soon.
2. The past week. AWESOME holidays. Considerably lighter wallet, but that's okay.
3. Free stacks and stacks and stacks of magazines. And obviously my darlings get featured a lot; darlings' wall slowly expanding!
4. Youtube and Youku. Bringing me tons of drama, laughter, tutorials and entertainment.
5. Popular at BPP. Today is your last day before you close down for idek how long, but damn, that was one awesome sale. Kinda glad that I only found out about the sale last week though, otherwise I would have went more than twice and wouldn't be able to resist getting more stuff each time.
6. My mom. The expert in all subjects. Or at least being the expert in most subjects and having expert friends for other subjects.
7. Sleep. Lets hope crashing for more than half a day has brought my sleep cycle back to normal and the extra sleep accumulated during the holidays can last me the next 5 weeks.
8. This one primary school classmate. So sweet of you to let me know you care.

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