Sunday, July 8, 2012

My thumb is swollen :(

Not gonna go to sleep until my grandma and cousin gets here. And apparently their flight has been delayed. So by the time they reach Singapore, travel across Singapore to get here, open suitcases that are full of surprises, talk a bit, and finally settle in, it would be time to get ready for school already.

Why can't I be on holiday like my cousin? Then I wouldn't have to go to school tomorrow, or for the rest of the one month that they are here. Then I wouldn't have to face exams and all other sorts of assessments and just chill and relax and home. Then I wouldn't have to wear the same boring attire everyday and be able to dress up according to my mood each day.

Oh dear, I miss my holidays sooooooo much. And other people from other countries just have to keep rubbing it in. Cause they are on freaking summer breaks that last up till 3 months!

Fine I shall go back to revising my Maths :(

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