Saturday, December 29, 2012

They say I'm open, but am I really?

I wasn't gonna blog about this, but I really think I should.

So the reason why I was home so late was because I was hanging out with 6R people. Or should I say, 2 dudes.

Hahah the 'gathering/outing' was so fail. We originally plan to go wcp, but it started raining so we decided to watch movie instead. So

9 of us turned up
8 of us watched Jack Reacher
6 of us had Subway
5 of us went to hobo under mrt station
6 of us continued hoboing
3 of us hoboed a bit more then went to macs to sit and talk crap

Although in the end it was just the 3 of us talking about weird stuff and gossiping about ex-classmates, it was still so nice catching up and just chillin.

I can't believe i almost didn't go. Li Ren was smsing me the previous day during lion dance and I was so distracted by the stupid gong that I said yes. Thought about backing out last min, but I felt like I was obliged to go, so I went lorh. With the mindset that we were just gonna watch a movie and have a meal together at most. 

Never would I have expected to spend almost 3 hours after that talking to my ex-classmates whom I weren't even that close to, and there were no boundaries at all. Being classmates for 3 years sort of cancelled out the not seeing one another for 3 years part. Thanks guys, for being so amazing. It was seriously damn cool.

Omg we need to have more gatherings like that, but with everybody. I was reminded that there were 45 peeps in 6R. 45!!! Lets not be so pathetic kay, lets all be cool people :)

Now that I think about it, 315 hasn't had a single class outing before. Hahah at least we will all be back together as 415 in a few days time :D

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