Monday, December 31, 2012

On a windy night

Its gonna be 2013 in 1hour and 20 mins, and guess what. I AM STUCK AT HOME.

Okay originally I was supposed to go to the airport with my parents to fetch my cousins, but apparently they have a lot of luggage so there won't be enough space for me in the car. And their flight was originally supposed to land in the afternoon but it got delayed by 6 hours to 2130. I was fine with that, cause there would be more than enough time for them to fetch them back then come back to get me so we could all countdown together. But then boofreakinhoo its currently 2230 and their flight still hasnt landed yet.

Moreover, I have been forbidden to leave the house to go join any parties since its apparently too 'chaotic'. You see where this leaves me?

I may end up having to count down on my own.

That would be quite an important moment though; the first new year I am spending alone.

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