Sunday, June 12, 2011

"You know you are dancing when tears of pain and happiness blend in with your sweat"

Yup, this post is going to be about ballet. At least, my side of ballet.

Today's lesson we did pointe for most part of it. I think I am falling in love with pointe. That arch of the foot, that tightening of calf muscles, that straightening of legs until it forms a concave shape, that sucking in of stomach and butt. That running en pointe, that marching en pointe, that carpentering en pointe. Awesome, really awesome, simply awesome. En pointe, you concentrate so hard on it that you fall into this blissful world where all troubles are gone. En pointe, you feel so light that your toes can support your whole body weight.

However, the aftermaths are of course not so enjoyable. Now my arch hurts, my muscles hurt, my joints hurt, my toes hurt. My body hurts. But I think I will still gladly step en pointe now and fall back into that blissful world.

My pirouettes suck. Really suck. And it is just a single one on rise. I can't effing do double one! I really really really need to work harder on that.

Moving on to the topic of flexibility. Sure, I can do a split, but thats about it. My back can't 'crack', I can't walk my hands to the back between my legs, I can't put my palms completely on the floor in front of my feet. Hell, my back is weak. And I can't do a scorpion on my own.


I am rather disappointed by my current standard in ballet. Is it because it now requires real technique? Real talent? No more memorising a bunch of steps and simply executing them? No more going through a lesson without a single drop of sweat?


Girls look at ballet and see pretty tutus.
Boys look at ballet and see people walking on their toes.
Women look at ballet and see skinny people.
Men look at ballet and see low-cut costumes.

So, you see how everyone likes ballet?

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