Saturday, June 18, 2011

Spin but don't get dizzy

Ah this shall be a real quick one. Leaving for RSP trip to Malaysia tmr early morning. Yep, reach sch by 6. Gotta wake up at like 5.


can't go for company outing.

Double sigh.

At least half the platoon cant go already.

And my mom has forbidden me to go for dragon boating cause I only reach Singapore Thursday night. WT.

I think I like SNSD now. After watching their horror movie factory episodes, they somehow feel more human and I really like the bond between each and every member. A bit like us really. :p There is this fan channel that calls them 'the power of 9'. We are thpowerof10 and part as'11 have 9 ppl. Really cool huh?

NCOs' outing was quite successful I guess, except for the fact that only 2 of them came. :(

Nowadays, I find part as really hyper but quite cute, and sec 4s really cool. As for sec 3s, I seem to have no feeling whatsoever for them. Which is really weird, since during the ATC period I had like this huge sense of admiration for them. Now, nothing. I really wonder why. But ORD is looming closer, with the temp NCOs and sec 3s taking over...

Now I'm ranting. Whenever I start blogging, I can't seem to stop. It just feels good to let some of those bottled up feelings out. On the other hand, I cant write too freely either unless I privatise. Which, I really dont want to. Ah, here I go again. Shall not get to the topic of s****ing.

Bye for now.

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