Thursday, June 9, 2011

The company CIP that wasn't really

Now that I have got the previous post behind me, the company CIP that wasn't really! Why not? Because sec 4s didn't turn up, sec 3s were having SPECS, platoonmates backed out and only 3 part as came. According to MinYi, SSG Kar Mun said that although it wasn't really a company CIP anymore, we should still expect to see seniors and juniors there. And guess how many seniors we saw? Yup, zero, zip, zilch. Haiz, cheat our feelings. Most platoonmates said they were free at first, the one by one backed out because of various reasons:( In the end only left MinYi and I, and neither of us wanted to go if the other wasnt going. But because we were the ones who had proposed it in the first place, we decided to go. Ah wells, at least part as bothered to come. :D Part A Aricco, Part A Syahirah and Part A Syazwani. :D

Met MinYi at Somerset MRT at 9.45. Went to the tap card place and saw 2 part as. They burst out laughing when they saw us. Hmm. Then we went to the place where UGA closing ceremony was held (I forgot the name). Saw no short girl with short hair and harry potter specs. Went outside Cathay and saw 3 part as this time. They burst out laughing again. HMMM. We randomly walked around to see if we could find that person. Part as randomly followed us around. Then we called the person (MinYi bloody memorised the number). At first, she wanted us to go Clarke Quay to help her carry the box because it was too heavy. Then she said wait for her for half an hour. Telling this piece of information to part as was quite funny. No idea why, it just seemed amusing. And part as didn't even hear us the first time round. We were like walking away when they ran up and said "Um sec2s, permission to ask what you said just now", in tiam position. I just felt like laughing, although it wasn't really that funny.

Sort of window-shopped cuz all the shops weren't open yet. Part as stalked us I think, at least until we 'disappeared' to the topmost storey. teehee. Went to the place where we had 'platoon talk' to have another 'platoon talk'. Hah, the first one consisted of three people and the second, two. Epic much?

Went outside cathay and this group of rgs ppl asked us whether we were doing cip and told us to go 'there'. And so we went 'there'. MinYi said is was the correct grp so we signed up. Went to look for part as and used sign language to tell them to go 'there'. The sign language was actually just pointing in this vague direction. :p Then part as came to look for us to ask us whether it REALLY was the correct grp. We thought it was. UNTIL *dum dum dum dum* the person called me back to ask us where we were because she had already arrived.Then we realised it was the wrong group. Haiz. But we thought of a genius idea. Do with the first group until lunch, then do with the second group after lunch! :D went to tell part as.But then they didnt know where 'the place outside the UGA closing ceremony' was. So we decided we will pick them up. I was feeling kind and wanted to give them our numbers but MinYi had this weird expression and didnt want to... Well, there is a chance we may become their future NCOs.

So, CIP (balloons) was the usual and lunch was the usual (KFC!) and the other CIP (grape-flavoured Stickies) was also the usual. These things tend to get boring when you have been doing them since last year. One exciting part was when this China tourist donated a 100 bucks because he thought that MinYi spoke Mandarin really well. :D

When we were leaving, I still felt kind and wanted to say bye to part as. But MinYi wasnt feeling kind. So I said 'Bye part as!' while we were walking off. Then there was this mouse-like 'byes twos!' that both MinYi and I heard. We burst out laughing because it sounded really high-pitched. I sort of got lost while looking for the bus stop. While like this super big round before finding this busstop that had my bus in my direction. I boarded it and was super pissed to find that it had a stop right outside cathay. Pffft.

Right, I have sort of gotton over my Harry Potter craze, so maybe the posts will only come if I get crazy over the movie. Oh, and the one about sec 4s will be coming soon!

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