Thursday, October 20, 2011

Not winning doesnt mean we lost.

Honestly, I am rather disappointed.

And so are platoonmates.

And I am also pissed.

And so are platoonmates.

So, they cancelled practical section and based everything on the theory test. WTP. We may have been disqualified. Or maybe we were just stupid.

Like, since I was the one sitting nearest to the aisle, I was supposed to collect everyone's papers. But then I was still contemplating Q4 when they just started passing all their papers to me. So right, everyone's papers were with me already when I was changing my answer. And SOME FREAKING HOW, THIS MAM THOUGHT I WAS CHANGING THEIR ANSWERS FOR THEM. SHE FREAKING STOPPED ME WHILE I WAS GOING TO PASS UP THE PAPERS, AND SAID IN THIS SUPER MEAN AND SUPER FIERCE VOICE "WHY WERE YOU CHANGING THEIR ANSWERS?" IN MY HEAD, I WAS TOTALLY LIKE, OMG WTP. OBVIOUSLY I TOLD HER THE TRUTH, BUT SHE JUST STARED AT US THE WHOLE TIME UNTIL WE LEFT THE ROOM.SHE WAS SUPER SCARY KAY.

It would be super unfair if that really were the reason. :(

On a brighter note, sec 3s hugged us :)

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  1. Hi,

    Not your fault, just Ma'am being anal. Whatever's done is done. I'm glad you're not too upset about it :)