Tuesday, October 18, 2011

turning into people with multiple personalities

Wahaha, today was an interesting day :)

I shall not go into detail about my results, just that I have been very much surprised, in both good and bad ways. Ah, maybe they shall be revealed soon...

There was orienteering training at Bishan Park at 4. And I was supposed to have a CmPS meeting at 2.30. Then, her meeting got extended and she wanted to reschedule till tomorrow. Well, too bad. Both me and Zek cannot make it. :p

sososososo, a while after tmy left, I was just hanging around class trying to memorise orienteering notes. Thenthenthen, I heard this super familiar voice. And I looked to the door and saw this super familiar hair. GUESS WHO. It was encik mimi. And she was standing at the door. Then she came in and asked me "Do you take tuition?", in this really informal way. I didnt even remember to greet, cause like come one, who freaking greets in their classroom. Hehe, they wanted to interview Vivian but didnt in the end. Encik was totally pointing at me and telling her friends "She is my junior" and pointing at V and saying "She is not my junior". Haha, Michelle was laughing her teeth off.

Alrighty, Bishan Park. Hehe, Steph and I took taxi there :) Then we took quite a while to find other platoon mates, and Bern heard sec threes' wrongly, and we totally went to the wrong place. So we had to walk from ang mo kio mrt station all the way to bishan. Orienteering prac was, uh, more like treasure hunt. Then it started raining. I shared a umbrella with 2sg Yun Shan. For like 10 seconds. And obviously I was the one holding the umbrella, cause, ahem, she is a bit short. :p

The talk crap session was really funny. Sec threes sat on staircase steps, and we sat on landing at the bottom.

2sg Xin Yu: Oh no, they are going to see my underwear.
2sg Louise: They are just going to see my PE shorts. Hahah.

Advice given by them:
1. Dont take area studies
2. Its easier to get into RA with GPA lower than 3.6 than with subject GP lower than 4.0.
3. Just 'beg' your teachers.
4. Once you get to the selection test they are not going to look at your results.
5. (2sg louise) Chem RA!
6. (2sg xin yu) Math RA!
7. (all) History!
8. History is more interesting the geog in upper sec.
9. (2sg yun shan) Don't take lit.

Oh and interesting fact: Bio RA = BRA
ISNT IT FUNNY. Apparently I was the only one in the platoon who was greatly amused at this.

(2sg geyu tries to kick 2sg yun shan who is sitting a step lower than her)
2sg geyu: OMG I just flashed!
(buries face in hands)
2sg louise: No one would have noticed if you had not pointed in out. (goes on about another incident)

Their jokes are so...lame. But...ours are no better.

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