Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Every year I want an enriching holiday, but it never happens. But this year it will.

1. Do 50 hours of CIP (Not that hard, right? It is only a little bit more than 2 days)
2. Visit every platoonmate's house (Me and zek wanted to do this last year)
3. Go shopping at Bugis (I have been meaning to in like forever. And apparently the stuff there are cheap and good :))
4. Eat lots of junk food (Maybe not too much. But I cant control myself)
5. Exercise and stretch (It is super effective. Believe me)
6. Run 3-4 times per week (No less, no more. While I want to keep fit, I dont want bulging muscles in my legs.)
7. Complete my compo notebooks that I started last year (Er they were supposed to be completed last year, so...)
8. Go out with friends and cousins (duh.)
9. Read all the books that I bought but have not read (They come up to a total of no less than 36)
10. Makeover my room (I am gonna get a new bookshelf, which means my whole room will have to be re-orientated)
11. Master basic make-up (Yes, master. Like its perfect the first time you put in on. Now, it looks okay sometimes but other times its just hideous)
12. Put in effort for presents for company chalet (Yuppies)

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