Tuesday, October 11, 2011



Today 2sg Yun Shan commanded during morning assembly. And apparently, she came to school just to command. Er, a bit the weird leh. Like instead of Genevieve, it was Ashlynna, and the conductor was also a sec 4. Why the commander a sec 3 huh?

Orienteering training cancelled cause of the bad weather. haha, we were going to run 15 km. 15 freaking km! I can barely run 5km, and they want us to run 15 km! Wearing this hideous outfit. OMG dont even get me started on the attire. Well, too late. GUESS WHAT WE ARE SUPPOSED TO WEAR. T-SHIRT IS NORMAL. YES. BUT THATS ABOUT WHERE THE NORMALITY STOPS. TRACK PANTS. WHOA. I MEAN OK LAH, WE HAVE HAD TO WEAR THEM ON SEVERAL OCCASIONS. THEN COMBAT BOOTS. CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE THAT. OMG. I know this is to prepare for competition, but still. At least something that I can bear to show my face with? Yeah, I want to look normal. Nevermind, I shall go running on my own later. Wearing normal running clothes. Like shirt shorts and running shoes. But I am looking forward to orienteering course tomorrow, cuz its fun fun fun. :)

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