Thursday, October 13, 2011


Today was one of the finest days I have had in the past few weeks. Except for one hitch.

So, morning was OBS check-up. It was lame. Height and weight (I dont believe I shrunk). Then the person listened to my heartbeat for like a grand total of 3 second, ticked the 'fit' box, signed his name and chopped a chop.mYeah.

Min Yi was trying to convince me to not go for class outing. And wait in school with her until we go to khatib at 3.30 for orienteering. Yeah, but checkup ended before 11.30, so if I went for class outing, I could spend 2 hours there, like maybe grab a lunch and cycle for a while.

Except it didnt turn out like this.

So we got sort of lost after getting down the bus. And we ran through this creepy underground passage screaming and other people making noises and all the sounds were echoing and everything. Plus, there was this giant hole in the ceiling in the middle and Nicole saw that and totally started screaming and running like mad.

So ECP has like areas A-F. We entered at area D, and idk why, but walked to area E. The food place there was something like kopitiam, and it didnt look very nice. Then we wasted A LOT of time standing around and doing random things and trying to think of what to do, cause apparently, Macs was at the other end. After like half an hour, we finally all went to rent bikes. Me and Vivian shared a double bike :) Cause she didnt know how to cycle. At first they wanted to give us this huge one, but it was so super big that only the tips of my toes could reach the ground and I didnt feel safe riding it at all. So we got this smaller one. Except it was a bit too small for V. She was a bit awkward, but we still went with it anyways.

Then, hohoho, guess what. Yep, we went in the wrong direction. After cycling for 15 mins, we were at area F. Uh-huh. Macs was at area C. So guess how long we took to reach there. Yep, 1 hour. Haha, everyone was rather tired at that point and it felt like we had just run a marathon. Cause you know, not only did it not rain, but the sun was freaking hot and there was no shade along the way at all. I wonder if anyone DIDNT get tanned. People were either red, or pale. And black. At that point, it was already 2.15. I had planned to leave at 2.45, but we still had to cycle all the way back to return the bikes, and obviously I was going to be super late. I wasnt really thinking cause I was so hungry and tired and thirsty, that I just sat down and enjoyed my meal :) It was around 3pm when we started cycling back, and then it hit me. Oh no, I am not gonna make it in time. And even if I reach there, I wouldnt be able to run cause I would probably just faint half way. So, I got V to call Zek cause she could totally just sit at the back and take her hands off the handle and her feet off the pedals. Yeah, we sort of took turns pedalling, like I would take my feet off and she pedal for a while, then my turn. But V's feet kept falling off. And our bike was really slow. Like everyone was overtaking us. Haha, then we both cycled super fast until we lost control of the pedal and just whooshed along the road. :D

Afterwards, basically just fooling around the beach and playing random things. :) 4 people freaking dived into the sea. Audrey, Janelle, Myrth and Bem. I was just running around trying to avoid getting splashed cause I didnt bring change of clothes and couldnt afford to get wet. But, obviously I still did. And there was sand in the back of my shirt. So, guess what I did. I moved both my arms inside my shirt, and tried to get the sand off. Haha, must have looked rather amusing. Oh, in the end, I changed back into my PE shirt and shorts. And Michelle said that I had to wear culottes.

Cynthia sent me home. Well, not home, to Clementi. :) I met my mom there and we went for a sushi + ramen dinner and shopping.

I really really enjoyed myself today. And I declare :

I LOVE 213'11.

And, yeah, if you want photos, go look at FB.

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