Monday, October 3, 2011

Blogging allows me to concentrate better

Yep, the title is totally true. For me at least. I guess its because I am getting all my jumbled thoughts straightened out and spilling them out to this machine.

I cannot freaking concentrate on Geog now. I know the facts, just that I dont know them at my fingertips. Like, I can regurgitate everything without sneaking peeks at my notes.

Throat was really scratchy in the afternoon. Lol, probably my own fault though. Ate like 2 packs of potato chips plus ice-cream. Relieve stress.

Just don't fall sick can already. OMG last year's EYA was a horrible horrible experience. Cause I was sick.

I dont remember how or when i got sick, but it really terrible. For History, I was just shivering in my seat, with this thin jacket snugly zipped and everything. I was even hugging my knees. I just had enough energy to hold up the pen and write, but my thoughts were really messed up. Like I would read the question several times without comprehending it, then force myself to concentrate, but the words would just become all blurry. Hell, I dont even know how I managed to pass that paper.

The night before Chemistry, I was burning up a lot. I was reading my notes on my bed at like 8pm, drinking cold vitagen to try to bring my temp down. I actually fell asleep in the middle of trying to memorise acids and stuff. But I woke up like 10 mins later and dragged myself out of bed. I was really scared for Chem, plus the Malay paper after that.

During Chem, I brought this thick jacket plus a shawl, and just wrapped myself up. Haha, it must been rather comical, come to think of it. I barely survived the paper, and sort of blurrily did my Malay. I guess I was motivated by the fact that it was the last paper. Then, with like no energy left, I cabbed home and crashed on my bed for 4 hours.

In the end, I still went for NCO's outing that night. Cause I really didnt want to miss it. :)

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