Sunday, October 2, 2011

Exams cannot stop your life from going on

Writing a diary manually is tiring. Thats why I prefer blogging. But that are some things that are only meant for my eyes, and the Internet is a dangerous place. My hand hurts from writing so much. Not a smart idea, since Chinese comprehension tomorrow is going to be a super lot of writing at a fast pace.

I gor 2 instant win Big Mac. YAY. :)

Should I cut my hair? I really want long hair, but if I don't cut now, I will have to wait at least one year. Or should I just cut my bangs/fringe. They started out to be this really nice fringe, then my mom thought it was too long so it became short ugly bangs. Then nicer long bangs. Then 'illegal', so I swept them to the side, turning them to a fringe. But if you let them loose, they are still straight bangs, except that they touch my chin. So...

Michelle Lim messaged me to tell me to wear 'professional socks'......

Oh dear I dont have the energy to run anymore now that ballet is so tiring and my brain is being used more. I think I am going to suffer during training for orienteering. :(

Should I learn piano for the sake of exams or for the sake of playing? I dunno. Its like, if I want to take the exams faster, than I can take grade 7 next year. If I want to build up my skills, then Grade 7 the following year. Mom wants to finish grade 8 in sec 4, teacher wants to build foundation. so its my choice. how.

I have this earring stand full with nice pretty glittery earrings. I have no earholes. How awesome. Been begging my mom to let me pierce. Maybe I will try my luck again this holidays.

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