Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Oh man, I really want to stop piano lessons. My mum has allowed me to stop lessons with this teacher, but she wants me to carry on with another teacher. I really dont want to.

I am totally not the musical type. I dread piano lessons, cant sing to save my life and only want music for entertainment and dancing.

My mom's reason is that she already bought that piano and I was the one who wanted to start learning in the first place. But, I seriously have no interest. It will just be a total waste of time and money. My mom seems to have this idea that I can somehow be this part-time piano teacher next time. THAT IS SO NOT GONNA HAPPEN. Why the hell would I want to torture myself like that? And she also seems to think that I will be giving up something that I have already spent so much time on. But I only started learning 3 years ago, which is a rather short time compared to others who have been learning for like what, 10 years? AND IT WOULD BE A EVEN BIGGER WASTE OF TIME IF I SPENT MORE TIME ON IT.

I used to think that being able to play the piano would be so cool and I would be able to vent my anger and frustration on the piano. But that was before I started to like dance. Now I have ballet and kpop, and would soooo rather spend my time on that that being stuck in front of this instrument. When I am sad, angry, pissed, emo, wtv, what do I do? I stretch. I dance. I learn kpop. I stand on toes. I pirouette until I am dizzy. When do I play the piano? When I am forced to.

stopping lessons doesnt mean I will stop playing the piano. Sometimes, it is nice to play your favourite song or just play random things. But lessons just make everything so BORING.


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