Sunday, May 29, 2011

We also grow under the sun

I guess sports fest was not bad lah. Except I was sick and just stoned on a seat doing nothing. Yeah, I didnt do marshaling nor running. Tarbet cheerleading was a bit un-synchronised, and the mascot a bit extra. Ah well. Richard won first for cheerleading but TARBET WON OVERALL FIRST FOR SPORTSFEST! :D Yeah, I know we are awesome. :DDDD

Company dinner was fun, but I left quite early, amongst the first few to leave. Wasn't feeling that well + mom was already waiting. The venue was really weird, quite constricted because it was like this pathway outside Esplanade with a nice sea view. Couldn't play a lot of games due to space limit >.< Hope next year will be better. :)

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