Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I am turning into a shopaholic

Kay, so yesterday I went shopping at Clementi till like 8, then went home to study SMO. Today, I went to Jurong Point and shopped till like 9. Bought 1 shirt and 1 pair of shoes altogether. Yay. The shirt is like pink-pink, with one cut-off shoulder. From OP, looked really cute from afar, was too tempting. Converse sneakers rock man. :D Bought this navy blue one. Was thinking about the high-top one, but then it sorta looked weird. So now I have 2 pairs of white, 1 pair of black and 1 pair of navy blue...Yay me. won't mind a pair of pink ones though *hint hint*

Going to watch Kung Fu Panda 2 tomorrow with family :) And also going down to scape to support sec 3s. They are awesome! :)

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