Saturday, May 28, 2011

We glow under the sun

Thursday training was awesome. Did PT first, 32,30,30, consisting of everything. Did 1 set of back crunches and planks and my back nearly died. Cuz it was hurting from IMT the previous day (10/16-no marksman D:) I think sec 4s realised that the whole platoon was just raising their elbows and not their chest, so they cut back crunches for the last set.

Practised drills on our own as indiv talk was conducted. Only half the platoon has been indived talk so far, it is really taking very long. Saw Sec 3s and Part as doing CJJ together. o.O Then sec 3s did their mutuals. I caught glimpses, and they seemed really confident.

COMPANY GAMES! :DDD Ninja was really cool. First time playing it. Sec 3s ganged up against us, so we ganged them back. But somehow, our focus later shifted to part as. The game ended with only Zek Min surviving on behalf of our platoon. Haha. Really epic. Virus was tiring. Got caught by LCP Leyin quite fast. Then I caught part a syazwani (I think its her and I think that is how to spell her name). So I was in the middle and got pulled in random direction by them. Sort of ran around crazily until I was out of breath. H2o was the same as always. We were quite fail at the songs. Need to go and memorise more. Hentak-ing as a company. I got confused in the middle and osrt of mixed-up the legs. Ah well.

Came down with a splitting headache and slight fever. Slept from 7-10, did SIP from 10-11, then slept from 11-6. Going to catch up on my sleep during the dols. :)

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