Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Glass is Half-full, Not Half-empty

The Holidays are not even here yet, tons of homework are already coming in. Let me list them down (according to due date):
1. Lit AA
2. Commonwealth Essay
3. Bio PT
4. English PT

They may seem little, but they are actually A LOT, because 3 of them actually count towards the GPA. Today while eating KFC with mummy at West Mall, this huge feeliing of anxiousness suddenly came over me, and it was about homework. Like why was I eating KFC idly when I had not started on my homework yet. PMS much?

On a happier note, tomorrow is Be Yourself Day and I have decided to go dressed as my...(drumroll please)...MUMMY! YES, I LOVE YOU MUMMY! :DDD <<<<<3333333 Actually quite looking forward to being PT ic tomorrow. Have my leadership qualities finally decided to surface again. I surprise myself.

Can't wait for Saturday. YOU should know why. A hint: It is 5th March. :)

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