Friday, February 18, 2011

answerless arrogant attitude

Ok, I am officially pissed at my piano teacher right now. Everything was going ok until we started doing theory. I never liked theory, because it is really boring. Anyway, she was revising intervals with me, which I had sort of forgotten. I tried to ask her a question, then she fired up:

"Don't argue music with me."

So I remained quiet. She does have more experience in music than me. While doing the practice, I couldnt figure out a question and tried to ask her, but she just went:

"I taught you before. You just forgot."

That was insult to my memory. I still couldnt get it, and was trying to tell her my point of view, but she just couldnt be bothered and itterupted my sentence:

"I don't know how to teach you already."

My mind was shouting " THEN I PAY YOU TO COME HERE FOR WHAT? HUH? I continued my explanation, but couldnt go far before:

"Since you so clever, why don't you do it yourself?"

Oh My God! No one has the right to be arrogant! And no one has the right to say that! From anyone to anyone!PLEASE GET THAT STRAIGHT, LADY!

That was the last straw that broke the camel's back. I pay you so much is for you to teach me! Not to piss me off! If you can't even explain to your students, what for become a teacher? If you can't keep a cap on your temper, what for become a teacher?

You may play the piano better than me, you may be older (in fact, much older) than me, but that doesnt give you the right to be so arrogant over me! So what if you can play some perfect scales? So waht if you can sightread fast? When you can't even explain the stuff properly to your students or do mathematics that are just a little more complicated than the basic musical ones? HUH?

Seriously, quit your job if you can't handle it. Don't vent your stress on others. And don't try to be high and mighty around me. I can make you not come back with just a simple talk to my mum. So get it straight. Thank you very much.

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