Sunday, March 6, 2011

We are all young at heart

YAY! First post with Mac! YAY! I think I this is really overdue, but who cares! I was waiting for a special occasion to do this post. And it is finally here.

Yesterday was 5th March. Yes, it was my birthday. And RGS's birthday. SO COOL RITE ?!?!?!? Went to school for founders day. This year the speeches were actually really entertaining. I actually listened to every speaker carefully, especially the G-O-H. She wasn't reading from a script, which made her seem so sincere and warming. Furthermore, the way she speaks just seem to attract attention. And the ex-principals were really lively and bubbly, even though they are not that young.

Founder's Day ended early enough, such that when I arrived at Jurong Point the restaurant wasn't even open yet. Had this super huge bowl of ramen that was SIMPLY SCRUMPILICIOUS and my favourite mango pudding. Following that, mum bought me a chocolate mousse cake, super uber duper nice. OMG! At this rate I am going to become FAT. Must go running today.

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. I love you guys. I am officially 14 years old. Man, that is really scary. OK, I shall start on my homework after slacking for the whole Friday afternoon, yesterday and this morning.

says the person who is 14 years and 1 day old. :)

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