Monday, April 9, 2012

When connections to the outside world are lost...

At 10.18pm last night:
Oho great. Now I have no internet. Not even google. How great is this.

And I was in the middle of chatting to my ex-classmate about *ahem* keys in locks *ahem*. I was about to clear my name in a very inappropriate and very disturbing accusation made by him. How much greater can this get.

But I managed to open a link on our class group. Newspaper article: Ms Lim spent 20thousand dollars on her cat Fifi. And she was 28 in 2006.

I cant stand Bio. And no, I am not saying this just because its exam is on thursday. I just cannot stand Bio. I wonder if it has to do with the teacher. Or teachers. Or maybe I should just go and take tuition.

Like, last year, I took 4 Chem tuition lessons, and everything became so clear.

Or maybe I can pretend I am taking Bio tuition, and devote like 2 hours every weekend to sitting in front of a small little table reading textbooks and doing assessments.

Hohohoho then maybe I can pretend I take tuition for every subject (mind you, that is a total of 11 examinable subjects). And there is piano lesson everyday. And ballet lesson everyday. And CCA everyday.

Okay okay. This is getting too farfetched. Cant even stand CCA once/twice a week, and I am talking about EVERYDAY?

But seriously though, I really am going to take pretend tuition for at least the sciences. One and a half hours each. Every saturday. After this term's papers.

Hmph why does my dad still get to game.

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