Sunday, April 8, 2012

Its not my fault kay. He is just too cool.

Life in the 4-days long weekend:

Show Luo.
Show Luo.
Show Luo.
Show Luo.

But guess what. Youtube, Tudou, Youku, Xinmsn got blocked by my dad. And this time round there really are no loopholes. Well, except for two.
1. I have this youtube downloader, so I managed to persuade him to open youtube for an hour, and I downloaded a ton of videos :)
2. I will use his phone's 3G to go on youtube :p

But still, in the past, he either only blocked youtube (and I still have all the other websites to go on) or didnt set password to change the settings.

Don't know how long it will take me to persuade him to open everything back up. This ban can last from until after Thursday's papers till godknowswhen.

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