Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Yes, I know you are reading this


HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Please remember to come collect your present from me, keep forgetting to pass to you. :p

Ahaha this few days I have been feeling so happy. Like all the lessons are okay lah, at least I am making effort to follow and keep up, and this period of time is one of the more relaxing one, since its like intro and not so content-heavy.

And its super fun to hang out with my new classmates and gradually get to know people better. Im sitting next to Melody, and she is so funny and cute. Like, you should just see her head wave thing.

Its the festive season, and I am totally enjoying myself. Looking forward to getting angpao money and buying new clothes. :) Ah, speaking of that, I just roughly counted the number of tops I own again. 150. Not a lot kay. It includes tanks, shirts, tees, blouses and stuff like that. I forgot whether I included dresses also.

Smile :)
Be Happy :D
Enjoy Life <3

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