Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"Room sevice? Send up a larger room"

I cleaned my room.

Okay, not really 'cleaned', more of organised.

Its so much neater now.

And it will probabaly last like 1 week.

But still.

And mind you, I really did organise every single drawer and compartment and rack and shelf. Its not the once a month stuff-everything-into-a-drawer-so-they-are-not-visible type of thing.

Took me a really really long time.

I think I started with my bookcase during the holidays, but only finished with my closet last friday.

Threw out like 5 plastic bags worth of things. I had no idea there was so much junk cluttering up my room. I am one of those who thinks that there will be a use for everything, so I try to keep everything. I even kept price tags for a while, thinking that maybe I could use them as bookmarks or decoration or something. Ah, wells.

Another problem is that I am too lazy to walk to the kitchen to throw away things, so I just pile them up on random places like my table. I need a rubbish bin in my room. But if I do have one, I wont clear it, and it will become gross and disgusting.

See the problem?

Plus I dont make my bed. I made my bed like a total of 10 times last year. I dont see the point of making one's bed, since it will become unmade again like 17 hours later and you have to make it all over again in the morning. That few minutes spent making my bed can be put to better use by sleeping. But I suppose made beds do look more comfortable...

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