Saturday, January 14, 2012

We are in the corner of E-Blk on the 4th floor

OBS was fun. Seriously. Looking back, I really enjoyed myself and the whole class is so much more bonded.

If I have nothing better to do, I will try to desribe some of the things we did, but since I have piano lesson in half an hour, I want to just talk about my class.

Everyone in the class knows like everybody else already and we can talk just like old friends. I think I have communicated with everyone already, except maybe for 2 who didnt go for OBS. People have mostly stopped hanging out in cliques of their old classes, and we are like this big happy family.

Of course, there are always people who have trouble fitting in. And some of the rest are rather mean to these people, which is so different from 213. 213 is nice in the sense that we always include everyone and no one says mean things out right. But, 315 is different. Ah I dont know how to put this feeling into words, its just like the personalities are so different.

People are starting to be recognised by their titles that someone came up with. Like, the cutest, the most outspoken, the prettiest, the nicest, the best smile, the nicest hair, stuff like that. You want to know what my title is? Hmm, lets just say that it started when I wore shorts on the first night.

I think its really grest that we get to attend all out lessons together, as one class. Well, except for Chinese. Idk why, but we are split inot 2 smaller groups for Chinese. Maybe its because our Chinese are too lousy so they split us into small classes. There are other classes with so many different subject combis that they hardly have lessons as a class.

I shall now end this awkwardly cause I really have to go.


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