Saturday, January 7, 2012

the reason to watch youtube and create twitter


New obsession: Kevjumba and NigaHiga

Or Kevin Wu and Ryan Higa.

And some bits of Victor Kim, Chesteer See and Dtrix.

But more of the first 2.

They are like super hot asian guys and their relationship is just so sweet. Like BFFs.

And seriously. they are really hot. Not the usual Remus Kam type of hot, but still hot.

And Best Crew is just so so so so funny and cute.

You know how it is with me and obsessions. I have been watching and rewatching their videos way too much for the past week. Seeing them virtually and hearing their voices just make my day.

Either Best Crew or the whole lot of YTF should really come to Singapore.

I created a Twitter just so that I could follow them. But knowing me, I followed a bunch of other people too. But it is primarily for them.

And in case you are wondering, I used to like Ryan better, but somewhere in the vicinity of the last month, Kevin replaced him.

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