Monday, October 31, 2011

I still remember those days. We had so much fun

Just now I went to the petrol station to buy my breakfast, but while walking back, I changed my route suddenly, and instead of walking back to my flat and diving behind my book or computer, I went to sit down on one of those seats facing the playground.

Kindergarten kids were playing there, under their teachers' close supervision. A mother was playing badminton against her 2 kids, a woman was walking her dog and a grandmother was just walking around slowly, with the aid of her walking stick.

I saw myself at 6 years old, still new to the neighbourhood, playing at the playground every single night, making new friends that I would stick close to for the next couple of years.

At 8 years old, my friends and I were already a close group; we all went down to the playground without fail at 6.30pm every night, even though we had never agreed on it. We would have gotten bored of the playground already if alone, but with my friends, we managed to think of new things everytime.

At 10, we were climbing every pole we could climb, running around because we just could not walk, appearing at each other's house just for the plain fun of it, calling up each other more than 10 times a day just to talk about random things. We celebrated National Day together, playing with candles and sparkles.

However, during the PSLE year, we started to drift apart, too busy studying. Now, they have changed so much I dont even recognise them. I saw this boy on the bus once, and didnt even pay any attention to him until I saw his nametag. I was stunned by how much he had changed over the past 2 years. Like seriously, a lot.

Now, as I abruptly end this post, I am going off to wild wild wet to enjoy the rest of today with my current friends.


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