Saturday, June 4, 2011

Those muscles are nicer when they are not hurting

Leg muscles are super sore. Stood from morning to night. :( Did CIP at Jurong east library today. Basically just hung around playing games like monopoly and dance dance revolution. Entertained the few people who showed interest in playing. There was this GUY, about 14-16 years old. His voice was like really super low. Couldnt understand most of what he was saying. A bit like us when we time or command, except more muffled. Aish, I tell you it is not normal for a girl to go so low and loud. -.-

I saw Min Yi while walking to the MRT. At least I think it was her. There was this wave of shock when I sort of recognised her. I have no idea why, probably just surprised plus her face was expressionless, looking dao and fierce. I keep telling her, I pity her future- part and children. Teehee.

Went to redhill again because of GSS. Bought quite a lot of things for ME :D. But my mum refused to buy this pair of white shorts and another greyish high-waisted skirt. :( ah wells, still got quite a lot of nice stuff <3

Ballet exhausted my muscles even more... Stretching was as per usual, but today was harder for me because I was already super tired. And my pirouettes still suck >.<

Watching guess on channel u now. There are 3 guys, and 1 one them is actually a girl. Supposed to guess which one. Obviously my guess was wrong. I thought it was the small-faced and thin-legs person. turned out it was the one whom I thought was most man. She has no chest not figure for goodness sake, but it may had just been the clever use of a suede jacket. This shows how good was guessing skills are...

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