Tuesday, May 24, 2016

vroom vroom

just went for early morning driving lesson and wahhh the instructor so cool. I was telling him he rly looked like my friend (QK HAHA)  and I said my friend v handsome then he ask why nvr go for him hahahahah 'its complicated'.

Started raining towards the end of the lesson and i jokingly asked him to send me home and HE DID. omg nvr knew they provided this kind of service. And there was only a few mins left so he zoooooomed through the streets and broke so many traffic rules and honked at the slow cars HAHA but wow mad driving skills

Then before I got off the car he said in his 7 years of teaching I was the one he shared the most with  and that he was thankful to have been assigned to my lesson and THAT MADE MY DAY :)))

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