Friday, February 12, 2016

maybe i can finally stop running from something and start running for something

so ytd my friend was talking about running a half-marathon, which got me thinking how nice it must be to have a goal to run towards. ever since i finished my last 2.4 last year i have stopped pushing myself during runs and it has been rlyrly nice to not have to race against the clock. but that also means everything has become rather stagnant: I run about the same distance at about the same speed.

ok guys i was gonna type a long post but i suddenly feel too lazy sooooo

BASICALLY i am inspired to start challenging myself again. like today after i finished one of my usual routes around the park i started on a second round (but about-turned after the first stretch of it HAHA) and maybe one day i can actually do 2 complete rounds?? that brings me one teeny step closer to a half-marathon bc that one will be like 4 rounds which is some intense shit hahahaha good luck man my friend if you are rly going for it (but if you do i will be no.1 supporter!)

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