Sunday, January 17, 2016

long time no long post

had a momentary desire to delete this blog zzzz i was just scrolling around and everything seemed so jumbled and useless but then i didnt dare to cause i thought i might regret it in the future hahahah so 5 years worth of jumbled and useless stuff can just stay here

hmmmmm so on the day a levels ended we were at town area walking around and ended up at wheelock foodcourt at 10pm and i bumped into a senior there and we only talked for a few minutes but her advice really stuck and i just needed to write this down to remind myself not to forget her advice!!!

one week of routine and it almost feels like school again lol hahaha setting more than 10 morning alarms and still managing to sleep through all of them but everyone else in the house wakes up and  they will come wake me up hahahaha how am i gonna survive by myself next time

and 930pm is my exercise time! HAHA just cos tekong admin time v unpredictable so at least i can check my phone while doing something but wah ns life is so much different from what we all expected. still q excited to see how the boys (and girls) turn out hope they become hotter!! :)

getting back into regular jogging has been great srsly strongly recommended!!! if you are just looking to stay active, go at a steady pace and let your mind wander for 30mins and never everever forget music its VVVV IMPT

some nights im so tired i cant even keep myself awake to finish everything i wanted to but other nights im lying in bed at 3am trying to sleep so idek whats happening. omgggg and last night i had a HORRIBLE toothache :((((( kept me awake for hours just lying there in pain. tried to find something to do to distract myself hahahaha HERE
and the dentist is fully booked til two days later omg srsly........surviving on ice cubes and painkillers for now and my parents were just like 'welcome to adulthood' walaooooooooo

ok also damn annoyed why the heck do u keep talking about me when im standing right there just to purposely piss me off like whatthefuck srsly??????? hate it so much omg. and i really think sometimes we truly do hate each other. which is a scary thought but i dont see any other explanation

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