Friday, September 25, 2015

"I love when conversations and energies just flow. Not forced. Not coerced. Just present."

ya had quite a rough day that day haha it has been long and i have NOT missed it.

but the ways things have happened since then have just somehow worked out :)
the day before i was so sure that it would take me so much effort to even get out of bed, but damn weird like because i knew i won't be doing anything much that day so i woke up feeling so free and relaxed and omg i didn't even realise how stressed out i have been. or maybe its just the lack of exercise lolol i think i need to control my unhealthy living abit ok anw

class celebration for kim and clarissa!!!!! TWO EXTREMELY LOVELY PPL and class turnup was actually not bad even though segregation but class girls really felt like family :)))))))

then i went matts house omg that sense of familiarity like how we had all the work on the table but somehow just end up bitching talking the whole time HAHAHA rly you are a gem (but if you reading this pls off your com and study)

continuing with the day, mds w the babesssss. omg he damn funny that day (even tho v burn ouch) and afterwards we just casually stood outside school at 930pm on a wednesday night talking but wowwww it felt vvvvvvv nice

so i had ramen for supper at 1030 hahahaha but good decision. cos i ended up talking until 5am. late night convos omg. thankyou thankyou thankyou

yes so i basically spent the whole day talking to people but really friends all of you are absolutely amazing.

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