Monday, January 26, 2015

january is almost over. i have so many things on my mind but everytime i start a blogpost it becomes damn negative and i end up never publishing any of them. Idk if its this age or something but these negative thoughts are damn overwhelming :(

Supposed to be doing tutorials now but i can't focus. I am just very unpleased with life and myself like theres so much more to life and i should be doing so much more if i could just complete my hw but no its neverending. For the past 3 weeks my life has been consumed by school cca tuition ballet study. i feel v stagnant and v impatient at the pointless-ness of things. Im just going through the motion and counting down the hours and struggling to not drown in my schedule. this isn't how it should be with the limited time we have to be alive but then again what can i do.

see lah becoming emo again. okok im gonna end this happy. Today during lesson i danced hard and it felt sosososososo good and apparently my efforts showed in my dancing and that just made my whole week :)))

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