Friday, June 13, 2014

Fill your heart with LOVE

So thankful for June hols.

I have been thinking a lot (mostly when I should be STUDYING OH WELL).
About all the decisions I have made,
all the choices I am going to have to make,
trying to confront my emotions but realising I am really really unsure,
how the heck does one find a balance between work and play,
looking back at all the wonderful memories made in Raffles,
feeling so damn nostalgic,
but realizing majority of those whom I love are still by my side,
being really thankful for all the constants,
and reminding myself to appreciate everything and everyone.

Alrighty, in other words, I am REALLY LOOKING FORWARD to watch TFIOS. Tbh, I didn't really feel very strongly about the book, but I guess all the hype has gotten me damn excited. AND THE TRAILER OH MY GOD THE TRAILER!!!! I think we're going to be a mess during the movie but its just so beautiful and tragic.

Idk but recently I had had such a different outlook on love. As in true romantic love. I think its from seeing it land upon those around me that has made me realise how FREAKING SWEET AND ADORABLE that such pure innocent love can be AWWWWHHH <3

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