Monday, April 23, 2012

I dont really do these type of posts anymore

Physics paper ended at 9am. And I had 6 hours till CCA started.

Spent the first hour hanging out in class. Watching Shiu Jern film her secretive music thinggum (hurhur)
2nd hour in the library. Wanted to do work, but it the really crowded, with no avail tables, and I had a hard time getting a beanbag in a nice and secluded corner (so secluded that Min Yi couldnt find me :P). Watched 1 Show Luo concert documentary (downloaded 5 yesterday :) heh) and started on some work on my mac.
3rd hour drilling holes in boards and putting them up and getting heatstroke.
4th hour eating lunch. With Zek, TMY, Zhang Xun. Monday= Curry noodles day
5th hour back in class with Zek, Bern, Jen. Watched a couple more videos.
6th with Zek. Talked abt random stuff. Listened to radio. Did a bit of Chinese. Then went down for CCA.

Glad that it wasnt company training. Finally starting to appreciate my NCOs after last week :)

Crap talk session just now:
SSG Geyu: I like the second topic. Its called sexual reproduction.
SSG Shan Shan: You will find out a lot more about your body
SSG Geyu: Yeah, and of the other 'species'. You have to get used to seeing the anatomies on your test paper.
SSG Shan Shan: If you are not sick, you will turn sick
Steph: SSG, permission to ask why you like the topic so much.

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