Monday, October 10, 2011

Today we celebrate the day a group of 10 awesome people were brought together

YAY. Platoon birthday! Haha, looks like we are going to be celebrating at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.

Today, I reached home the time I woke up yesterday.

I have yet to start on my Malay revision.

I am actually not jealous of those who are done with their exams. Hmm, I thought I would be. If I were the other party, I would be gloating like mad.

I see Malay as my last chance to pull up my grades. THEN WHY AM I NOT STUDYING FOR IT?

Now that I have finished watching Ugly Betty for like the 5th time, I am watching The Big Bang Theory for like the 5th time. I started watching the new episodes yesterday, then couldnt resist going back to watch the older episodes. Awwww.

Here I am slacking at home with Malay exam as my reason for not going for Orienteering training. I SHOULD BE USING THIS TIME FOR MALAY.

I am looking forward to P-EYA. Have got tons of activities coming up.


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