Saturday, October 29, 2011

Three cheers and three cheers and three cheers


Lets see,

MY GPA IMPROVED! :DDDD super happy kay. If I were to draw a graph, it would sloping upwards at the same gradient. No kidding, it has been improving band by band ever since sem 1 last year. Honestly speaking, I wasn't even sure it was even going to be a 3.6 after some rather abysmal results. Like chinese compo, it was an all-time low. 39/70. But I guess there were some that I deserve to be happy about. Like Geog, 24/25. This time round it was as if I was "fortune's fool". Those that I expected to do well in turned out to be a huge disappointment, while those that I have already given up hope on turned out to be a nice surprise.

I wasn't that sure about taking triphist anymore. My history didnt even hit a 4.0. But my Geog and Lit did. Surprisingly. But after much consultation and consideration, I have decided to stick with it :)

Oh and I have no idea where my Malay marks came from. I have been getting like 2.4 and 2.8 and 3.2 for the examinations, since I have definitely been slacking off it a lot, but somehow my GP still managed a 3.6. Not complaining though.

RA. Took the entrance tests for Math and Chinese yesterday. No comment.

A total of 4 people attended training on Thursday. And nope, I am not one of them. The rest, I leave you to conclude on your own.

WE GOT INTO DRAMANITE. :) AGAIN :D Yeah, I know, we are freaking awesome. And this year, we are gonna own everyone. Heehee. Guess what I do. Haha, the curtains open and I sit there for 10 seconds, keeping a straight face, and walk off. I think our play is the best so far, its the funniest, most understandable, has the best acting, and everything is just awesome. And we are gonna use dry ice. DRY ICE. To create this misty feeling. HAH. beat that.

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