Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Leaving butterfly prints on the groud

Haven’t posted for rather long. Ooops. I want to talk about NCC stuff. Because quite a lot has happened recently. ‘Last training’ with sec 4s was last Thursay. Technically, it is not actually ‘last training’ since there is still achievement day. Unless there is no more achievement day O.o NOOO. Theys cant not have achievement day. It will be our last chance to prove ourselves to sec Fours! Did PT that was rather slack, and started orienteering theory. Couldn’t remember a lot of stuff during the mock quiz. And I think I shld have totally forgotten everything by now. >.<

Part A NCOs came back! :DDDDDDD We were halfway through orienteering when the door opened and Bern who was away for some comp came in. AND SUDDENLY SSG YT’S HEAD POPPED IN. FOLLOWED BY 1SG M. They were all like HI PART As! I think we all had stupid smiles plastered on our faces. They came back! After we called them after Arts Tapestry, they promised to come back soon. And they did! :DD super happy. Lalalla. OMG they looked so bimb in RJ uniform. SSG YT’s skirt was quite short, and 1SG M had blue domo socks! J AHAHA so cute. I really miss them. Too bad 1SG A couldn’t come back. After we finished doing orienteering, sec fours told us to go back covered walkway, and then they all left the classroom except for 1sg Jia Xing who was packing her bag.

SSG YT: Part C, can we have 5 minutes?

1SG Jia Xing: Er, yes, staff.

SSG YT: -goes to some random table and start bouncing the bottle on it-

1SG M: Can you stop destroying other people’s stuff?

SSG YT: This one also no ones.

1SG M: Later is Part C’s.

SSG YT: Part C, is this yours?

1SG Jia Xing: -nods-

SSG YT: Oh! –Hands bottle to 1SG Jia Xing.

1SG Jia Xing: Teo staff.

Haha so cute. Talked crap again. I like talk-crap sessions. Especially with part A ncos. They really amuse us. Then again, part B ncos also quite funny, they just seem to lack this bondedness…

ORD IS COMING!!!! OMGOMGOMG. It seems so near. Too near. WHYWHYWHY we had just gotten to know our ncos and they are leaving us already? Gah.

First temp nco training with sec 3s. :) Phew, we got a nice combi. We ‘pushed ourselves to our limits’ during PT. Seriously, its like the most number of sets we have done throughout the year… Drills was horrible, as always, learnt some confusing turning on the march thing. CPL Yu Hua’s commanding was super super loud. Never she could go this loud. Our feedback to her was that she could command softer, and she had this surprised expression and said ‘Me?’ in a cute way. Haha. :)

I don’t think I will like the next combi of temp ncos. Or maybe I will. Who knows. Right.

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