Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Just the way we are

Dunno why but I just want to post about platoonmates. Cuz we are awesome! Yeah baby.

I realise we are actually quite bonded. One really funny incident that shows our bondedness. Well, not really.

A: Hey, when did you get that thing?

B: That thing? (Not in a questioning way, but in a confirming the question way)

A: Yup, that thing.

B: Oh, I think its.....

Haha. I found that really funny. Plus it was happened during the beginning of last year, when we didn't even know each other that well.

And we became gradually more sick after that. what with all the sick jokes by platoonmates and ncos. Yup, ncos do tell sick jokes. lol :D

ohohoh, THE 3 FACTORS! Haha. Guess where it originated from? Shant tell you! but 1 clue, XY and Z. At first the 1st factor was completely unrelated, and they were factors for a completely different thing. Then, somehow or other, the original 2nd factor became 3rd factor and the current 3 factors are a bit how to describe lah.

I think only platoonmates will understand the above paragraph. But, I think it will become quite obvious since we use these terms rather frequently and it may appear on a future post. :P

Our personal trainings all turn out to be quite fail since only that few ppl actually go for it and we just end up messing around anyway. Doing sentry guard duty the sick way. LOL to the max, platoonmates. And greeting sec 3s from Jblock and spying on them....

thpowerof10 forever! < 3

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