Thursday, June 2, 2011

They call us crazy, but what do they know?


Steps to be insane:
1) Go to KFC on the 4th day of ICT after eating 3 straight days of fried food. XD
2) Decide to walk back to school after meal.
3) Actually walk back.
4) Decided to visit OUR butterfly garden behind J block.
5) Find that the plants are wilted.
6) Find a container to use to carry water to the plants.
7) Use a RANDOM cone on the track as a container.
8) Fill it with water from water cooler.
9) Find that there is a hole in the cone while filling it with water.
10) Use our hand to catch water from the hole.
11) Bring the water from our hand to the plants
12) Water the plants under the hot sun.
13) Realise that it is funny to water plants under the hot sun when we are suppose to have lesson.
13) Laugh crazily.
14) Head off to library although we are late for ICT ~WHO CARES!~

Be insane. What do you get if you are sane?

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