Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Come whatever, we will still be freinds forever

My blog posts are not stuff about what I do everyday (unless I am very bored), but more about stuff that I would want to remember so I can visit this blog like ten twenty years down the road and think 'So this is how I grew up...' :D

Anyways, this is about Tunku Kurshiah College and its nice people.

I am not doing a thorough run-through, just don't feel like doing so.

My buddy is really really super cute! OMG! You should just see her smile. Awww. Btw, I am not crushing on her, just think she is too cute for words thats all.

I felt quite bad when she gave me this big package of batik cloth thingy and I gave her back a measly small card in return. The cloth thingy is really pretty, though I have yet to find a use for it. And I saw her taking out my card to read under the table while we were having lunch. Heehee. So cute :p

There were some rather awkward silences between us, but they generally went away as we got to know each other better :) And I think I was quite un-enthu about taking pics >.< and the informal poses are quite weird. There was one like she had her arm round my waist and I was doing the 'cheese' pose. Ah wells. Added her on FB alr :D

They are not allowed to have handphones. As in, not at all. And their rules are like super strict and they are under stress and pressure every day :( Aw man. But they seem to be coping rather well :)

I should just appreciate my life more. I think I am quite lucky. :D

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