Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Today was first day of school for 2011. Just met form teacher and listened to a lot of talks. Not feeling really enthu about school right now. At least tomorrow end at 12.55. Considerably early. But then CCA has been changed to Mondays and alternate Thursdays. So Thursday end school early also no use. 213 is a RaM class, stand for Raffles Mobile, means each of us get a Macbook for a year. Happy and sad. Happy cuz got free Macbook, sad cuz my IT skills very bad. Sorry using so bad English. Not really in that mood.

Feel really weird greeting last year Sec 2s as Sec 3s and last year Sec 3s as Sec 4s. And we wont be able to greet sec 2s anymore cuz thats us. Unless we greet ourselves...Wonder how many Sec 1s will join this year.

I dont really write new year resolutions or follow them for that matter. But thought this year should just write some, as a guideline:

1. Sleep early when there is school the next day. (Recharges the brain)
2. Start on PTs and projects right after they are assigned, instead of dragging and waiting till the last moment.
3. Finish PTs and projects 3 days before due date for sufficient checking time.
4. Spend less money. (I didn't earn them, after all)
5. Spend free time studying instead of playing.
6. Go through the stuff studied at end of every week.
7. Start preparing for exams one month earlier, so no need to cram everything in at last moment.
8. Pay more attention in class. (Includes not sleeping)
9. Practise more piano so can improve faster.
10. Finish all homework. (Keep up with lessons)
11. Be nice to my juniors. (But not too nice)
12. Don't get parents angry so often.
13. Learn to type faster. (Will benefit my using of a Macbook)
14. Be more interested in Science and other subjects that I used to hate.
15. Eat less potato chips. (Helps in weight loss)
16. Treasure my Sec 2 year and not reminisce last year too much.
17. Be prepared for lessons.
18.Watch less dramas.
19. Spend less time on the Internet.
20. Learn to love myself.

Yup. You might notice that most of them is related to studies. I guess that is under the influence of parents and teachers reminding again and again that Sec 2 is a really important year because we choose our subject combinations that will affect our future...

So long! :D

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