Sunday, January 2, 2011

My First

Yo! So I guess this is my first post. Um, nothing significant really. Just thought that setting up a livejournal account would be a good way to preserve my memories as a teenager. Anyway, this blog is solely for my own purpose, so if I write anything that offends you, no one asked you to read it. AND, if you know you are not supposed to be here, LEAVE BEFORE I FIND OUT AND TRACK YOU DOWN.

K, that having been settled, the school is RGS and the class is 213. And also a Part B. Oh God, saying that really creeps me out. It is not about the scoldings or the new learnings, cuz I know I have really good platoonmates <3 , it is more of I being scared of not doing good enough. No, please dont think that I am a perfectionist.

I am anticipating this new academic year, and although challenges are bound to appear, I will at least have the experiences of last year.. Like not leaving PTs and AAs till the last moment. Hmmm. Also, school hours have been altered quite a bit: generally earlier dismissal times, but no more lunches, and Friday CES has been moved to the first two blocks instead of the last two. Hope it works out well. For everyone. I guess you must be tired of my rantings by now, so ta ta! :D

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